Vicki Calfa - Bio Sketch 

Vicki Calfa is the Associate Degree Nursing Coordinator at Ranger College in Early,
TX. Vicki has been at Ranger College since 2017. Previously, she worked for over
20 years as a nurse in the acute care setting and has extensive experience in acute
cardiac care and progressive care. Academically, she began her nursing education
through the Ranger College Vocational Nursing Program. She obtained an
Associate of Applied Science in Nursing from Angelo State University and BSN and
MSN degrees from the University of Texas at Arlington. Vicki also obtained a
Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M in Animal Science and Agricultural
Development. She is pursuing a Doctorate in Education with an Emphasis in
Community College Leadership from Kansas State University.
Vicki is an active member of OADN, serving on the DEI Committee, and has
completed the OADN Leadership Institute. She also serves on the Big Country
Area Health Education Center Advisory Board, which works to introduce youth, K-
12, to health careers, to support rural clinical training for students who are in the
health professions, to provide practice support to existing health care
professionals, and to promote healthy living.